On Saturday 5th April at Stockton Cricket & Hockey Club we had a ceilidh that had been organised by Jo and James Stout. A very big thank you to them and to everyone who came along and made it a really good night. About 80 people were there including many who had never been to such an event. There was a pie and pea supper with a choice of 4 meat pies plus a cheese pasty so we hope all tastes were accommodated.

There was a raffle with quite a selection of prizes that had been kindly donated such as bottles of alcoholic beverages, chocolates and sweets.
It was a very enjoyable night and we raised £360.

For those of you who have never been to a ceilidh the idea is to persuade everyone to have a few drinks and then get them to dance.
It sounds simple except that when you dance you are in one of several groups of 6 couples with men and women in lines facing one another. The fun begins when you have to try to follow a series of steps that the caller shouts out. As the evening progresses it seems that the instructions get more complicated although the alcohol may just make it appear that way. A great deal of fun is had by just watching. As is often the case the men are often shy to dance so you get two women dancing together. The fun with that is that they can forget which steps to follow if they have had a few drinks and have been following the steps for both a man and a woman during the night. Some men cannot even follow the men's steps never mind trying to dance like a woman. Hence the reason that they don't dance.

Photos of The Night

There were a few people there with cameras to record the night's outstanding performances and the photos below were supplied by Sara Knox. If anybody else has any we would be pleased to see them. You can send them to Keith or upload them on the message board.

The last photo shows a nonchalant-looking Dave modelling the newly designed Team Graeme tee-shirt. Details of how to buy one of these are available by clicking here Merchandise





Rachel and orange hair streak




Jo, James,




James and Jo dancing




The caller




Dave strutting his stuff




The band




Mike in background




Dave modelling the Team Graeme tee-shirt