Paris Marathon 2009

Very warm congratulations to Becky Walker, a friend of Rachel from University, who completed the Paris Marathon on Sunday 5th April 2009. The conditions were not perfect for running since it was warm and sunny so dehydration and sun stroke were potential problems for all runners.

Becky completed the course with much encouragement and help from Rachel. Unfortunately Rachel decided that she should not run because her training had been severely interrupted in February and March after she had been laid low for a week with an infected wisdom tooth that needed a long dose of antbiotics followed by extraction.

Rachel went along to provide moral support and sustenance to Becky throughout the run. The marathon course in Paris is so laid out that Rachel was able to get to various points on the course to see Becky several times and provide her with drinks, food and later on pain killers. Becky is not the fastest of runners and so when she arrived at the various food and drink points there was nothing left. Rachel and Becky kept in touch via text messages so that Becky was able to place her order and Rachel delivered the goods at the agreed point by using the Paris metro and some short walks.

Becky Getting Ready

Not Long Now

Becky's Supporters

The Runners

Limbering Up

Far From the Madding Crowd

All Alone

Still Smiling

At the Tower

Winning Medal

Becky's has raised £1,065 for our charity and we very much appreciate her determinmation to complete the run and the great support of all of her sponsors.

If anybody would like to make a donation to our fund in recognition of Becky's tremendous achievement then you are very welcome to do so. To do this on-line then please click here Donate via Just Giving.