Past Events

Australian Bike Ride Update

We have sent our congratulations to Graeme's old University friend Jake Hannah who has completed his amazing 900 km Mawson Trail Bike Ride in Australia for Team Graeme. Jake finished the ride on November 5th after cycling 900 km in 8 days. I originally thought it was 15 which was good but 8! I can't believe it.

Since the original News of Jakes bike was published more money has been donated and the total now stands at £835! This is tremendous and people have obviously been much more generous than they originally said.

Jake was unable to send any reports on route but we will forgive him since he was probably tired and may not have had internet access in the wilds of Australia. We say a big thank you to Jake and his sponsors.
He set up a web page about the ride and has uploaded the story here Bike Ride. Have a read of Jake's amusing story of the ride and see some of the photos by clicking here Jake's photos.

Jake came to see Graeme a couple of weeks before Graeme's birthday in July 2006 before he went off to Australia. Those of you who came to the party we held after Graeme's radiotherapy may remember him.

Jake is an extremely keen bike rider and to date has ridden over about 10000 km over various routes that are shown on his web site Farm Boy.

Race Night Success

This was our most successful event to date for fundraising and was also very enjoyable. We raised £1,060 on the night and this helped us on the way to our initial fund raising target of £5000.

Full details of the evening can be found here Race Night.

Memorial Football Games

Team Graeme members and friends held a series of short, high-powered football games on Saturday 27th October 2007; Graeme's first anniversary. It was highly entertaining stuff with some skill shown by the players. There are some photographs available via the message board and a short video of the event can be seen by clicking here Team Graeme Football Games

If anyone would like a CD showing the video please send an email to Keith. Price is £2 including postage to addresses in the UK.

Billingham Job Centre Tombola Event

The staff at Billingham Job Centre, where Graeme worked before joining Hartlepool Action Team, held a tombola on Wednesday October 17th. They had hoped to run the event closer to Graeme's anniversary on the 27th but school holidays prevented this. Despite the relatively small size of the office they managed to raise £120 and beat the previous highest total of about £80 for a charity fund raising event. This is tremendous and shows how much people thought of Graeme. Staff who had left donated prizes and bought tickets because they had fond memories of Graeme and what an asset he was to the office. Elaine who organised it said she and her husband were up very late folding the tombola tickets. Since there had been so many prizes donated they had to fold a much larger number of tickets than normal. The end result was worth it so thank you to everyone there and especially Elaine for organising it and for counting and bagging the money!

BUPA Great North Run 2007

Team Graeme members completed the 13.1 miles of the BUPA Great North Run on 30th September 2007. Photographs are on the message board pages and full details will be published here BUPA Great North Run 2007. It is not too late to reward the Team's efforts by sponsoring them by going to the donations page at

Star Wars Watchathon Sunday 29th July 2007

The event was undertaken by Dave and Mike who raised over £200 and are still friends even after spending over 6 hours in a darkened room together. A number of photographs and several amusing remarks posted throughout the day can be found on our message board.

Team Graeme Launch Party 21st July 2007

Thanks to the fantastic help and support of a great number of people we raised £831.91 at our launch party in Stockton. To have a look at some photos follow the link to the message board and then look at the Fund Raising section.

We were lucky that the rain stopped during the afternoon and the sun actually appeared at about 6pm just as the party was due to start. The rest of the evening was fine and the bouncy castle was a big hit with the adults. Children had no chance of getting on it.

The balloon race started well on a fine evening. The 200 orange balloons looked very peaceful as they rose in the sky. It was a very moving moment and thoughts turned to Graeme and his adventures. Full details of the results are now available below.

2007 Balloon Race Results

For the full details of where the balloons were found and the name of the winner please click here Balloon Results