John & Michelle's Wedding
John and Michelle
John & Michelle

Graeme's good friend from University, John Kennedy, contacted us earlier this year to let us know he and his girlfriend Michelle Meade were getting married in May after having been living in Australia for two years. John sent the picture on the right and said that it was taken in Australia at a posh dinner dance so John decided to wear a tie for only about the second time while in Australia.

Wedding Donations

Before the wedding John and Michelle asked their friends to make donations to the Team Graeme fund instead of buying wedding presents. Having been together for few years they had most thinsg they needed and Michelle said they did not need a large collection of toasters. This was a wonderfully generous and thoughtful gesture and we wish John and Michelle all the very best for the future.

Wedding Details

The wedding took place in the UK on May 17th and despite the rain Michelle said that everybody had a good time.
Michelle's best friend Frances was bridesmaid and she did a sweepstake to see how long the speech of Dan, the Best Man, would be. This didn't help Dan's stress levels and the winner, Hayley, donated the money to the fund.
After the wedding John and Michelle left the UK on the 18th May and spent 10 days in Mauritius. Michelle said that they had a great time relaxing, sailing and playing a bit of tennis.

Here are some photos of the happy couple who both look very smart and you will notice that John is wearing another tie.

Just Married

Just Married

Outside the Church

A Very Happy Bride and Groom

In the Garden

In the Garden

The total amount of money donated to our fund for John and Michelle's Wedding was £1080. This has been made via our JustGiving page and by cheque and we would like to say a really big thank you to everyone who has kindly donated.

We are also happy to report that John and Michelle did get some Wedding presents and only received one toaster.

John has signed up for the Kilimanjaro trek and although he is already very fit he is doing extra training for this. Michelle has so far not volunteered for the trek. Perhaps she knows something the rest of the potential trekkers don't!